#121 - Checkin

Watch video -  orientation to parking, front door, and how to operate the keyless door lock. 


  1. Rideshare:  Get dropped off on the sidewalk in front of the property.
  2. Parking:  Parking on the curb - either side of the street is free unlimited parking / OR, down they alley next the the fence.
  3. Go up the second stairs from the corner of the street and alley.
  4. There are two doors - yours has "121" on it.
  5. Enter the door code I send you (wait 3 seconds for deadbolt to fully retract.)
  6. To lock when leaving, exit and close the door behind you, then press the "lock" button and wait 3 seconds. Make sure it's locked.
  7. To lock when you're inside, manually turn the deadbeat knob. 


Call me if you have any issues getting in:  David 615-944-9456