Top 5 Must Do's

Well that's a tough one ... depends on what you're wanting your trip experience to be like. Are wanting to see as many music venues and artists as possible? Are you wanting to hit the museums or landmarks, or are you a foodie and want to taste all kinds of foods ...?

...If your answer is "YES" to all of that, then you'll just have to start planning your follow up trips after this one! :) Some hints...

  1. MUSIC:  definitely hit Broadway Day & Night, and check out the event schedule of the off-Broadway music venues. 
  2. SAMPLE THE CITY:  Try a tour, maybe do a golf cart tour, ride a bike, take some walks, and visit other neighborhoods. 
  3. FOODIE: Sample great spot for Coffee, Brunch, Fine Dinning, Desserts, BBQ & Chicken, Breweries 
  4. LANDMARK BUCKET LIST: Museums, landmarks, parks, unique spots