TN Capital Hill & Bicentennial Park

Between the north side of Broadway and Germantown is a good day of sight-seeing. (It's several miles so maybe head out of foot but Uber back at the end of the excursion.) Itinerary might look like this:

  1. Grab coffee at Noelle Coffee, or Frothy Monkey, on other side of Broadway. If you're walking and want coffee first, get it to-go at Crema Coffee a block away -OR- goto brunch just north of Broadway at The Stillery or a diner called 417 Union. (or maybe lunch at Puckett's if you're starting later in the day.)  ...Or just get a crazy shake at Legendary Shake
  2. Go by The War Memorial Auditorium on your way to...
  3. Go to Tennessee State Capital and Victory Park, Bicentennial State Park, Tennessee State Museum, the Famers market for something to eat at one of the many restaurants & shops (Farmer's Market typically closes at 6pm.)
  4. At this point if you still have time & energy, you have several great options: 1) Uber back home to refresh for your night excursion. 2) Walk back the way you came to see the things you missed. 3) Uber or walk to Germantown or Marathon Village