#14 Checkin - Accessing the Door & Parking

Watch video -  orientation to parking, front door, and how to operate the keyless door lock. 


  1. Rideshare:  Get dropped off on the sidewalk in front of the property.
  2. Parking:  Parking on the curb on the same side of the street as property (north side of street) or down the alley. 
  3. Go up the stairs at the corner of the street and alley.
  4. There are two doors - yours has "14" on it.
  5. Enter the door code I send you (wait 3 seconds for deadbolt to fully retract.)
  6. To lock when leaving, exit and close the door behind you, then press the "lock" button and wait 3 seconds. Make sure it's locked.
  7. To lock when you're inside, manually turn the deadbeat knob. 


Call me if you have any issues getting in:  David 615-944-9456